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Begin Non-ceremonial Cremation Arrangements

Cremation Agreement

Please be advised that the cremation process is very final and cannot be reversed. Unlike burial options, the cremation process may only be authorized by the legal next-of-kin according to New Mexico state law (NM Stat.@61-32-19(1994).  Also, be advised that knowingly providing false information is fraudulent and legal action may be taken.

As a low-cost alternative, family has been advised through phone and online information ONLY.  Please consult with AlbuquerqueCremations phone number (505-243-1269) only as calls to either funeral home may result in additional fees.  Any assistance with a funeral director in-person will automatically result in a professional service fee of $660 in addition to other associated fees.

Authorized agents are clearly defined in New Mexico state law so verify authorized agents are available via fax or email before proceeding. Do NOT assume payment automatically confirms a cremation process will be completed.  A funeral professional will confirm kinship for New Mexico law. 

As a low-cost alternative, family has been advised that there is no witnessing or other preparation involved in this NON-ceremonial cremation nor will a call be made for status of cremation process.  When authorized agent(s) is not present at transfer into our care, authorized agent(s) must provide a valid email (will be confirmed) for black and white facial or identifying mark picture identification.  Additionally, the clothing and miscellaneous items sent on or with their Loved One will be cremated. 

Please be advised that unlike burial options, the process of cremation involves extensive paperwork that must be verified with a medical professional, the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator (NMOMI) and a notary public.  Unlike burial options, ALL cremations must be authorized by the NMOMI through a cremation permit. 

The family has been advised that refrigeration may be required by law.  However, if refrigeration is required beyond seven business days, there will be additional fees of $75 per day added to the associated fees.  We make every effort to have the cremation process complete within seven business days in the interest of all parties involved with the exception of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.  Please be advised all transfers outside of the Albuquerque area will require a mileage fee per the General Price List and must be added to the statement of goods & services.

An expediting fee will only guarantee a cremation within one working day upon paperwork approval from above listed entities.  For this reason, please be advised that if the family is planning services WITHOUT the assistance of a funeral home, no services should be scheduled until an appointment has been scheduled for cremains pickup.  Additional calls regarding status of expedited cremation may require professional service fees.  Please be advised that if cremains are being delivered via USPS certified registered mail, expect cremains delivery within two to three weeks. 


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