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For all arrangements the following forms will need to be downloaded AND printed:


                    Claim of Authority to Carry Out Disposition  (Must be notarized)       


         Vital Records Form 


                      Cremation ONLY:  Cremation Authorization (Must be notarized)


Additionally, if your Loved One is in custody at the Office of Medical Investigator, you will be charged an additional $75 for the receptacle, and you will need to complete the following form to verify the legal next-of-kin (email or fax to our office after we have sent you an updated version):


                       OMI Release Form (Example only-please verify OMI is in agreement with who the next-of-kin is.)


Please review the General Price List then click NEXT to proceed with online arrangements for your Loved One.

You will be required to pay with a credit card. If you choose to revised your arrangements, do NOT submit the plan but rather use your login account (created on next page) to revise the plan before paying.